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Sipitang Community Portal - Portal perkongsian ilmu dan pengetahuan.



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Sipitang Community Portal - Portal perkongsian ilmu dan pengetahuan.


Sipitang Community Portal (Klik disini)

by A.S. Kasah (Posted : Saturday, March 29, 2008)

Sipitang Community Portal (SCP) was developed by a group of ambitious young tech savvy from Sipitang to fulfil their passion for internet technology and web-hosting. SCP was developed in May, 2006 and opened for public access in early 2007. It came with a humble beginning as Sipitang channels utilising IRC server confined only amongst close friends and only later they decided to open for public access.

SCP is managed by a group of tech savvy, ambitious young people known by their nicks as follows: -

1. DragonEyes – Main Admin
2. Lammeith - Admin
3. Nie HN or nie99hani - Admin
4. vamxxx - Admin
5. TheKiller - Admin (shared account with Main Admin)

When asked what are their objectives in developing Sipitang Community Portal? “Sharing of information, news, tutorials, tips and activities with users who have access to the internet facility particularly the locals and Sipitang people now residing outside the district.” DragonEyes elaborates.

“As anticipated, the response is a little bit slow due to the fact that the internet users in the district are still low. Nevertheless as of now SCP has 27 verified members inclusive of Admin and Moderators.” He added.

DragonEyes is optimistic that SCP will invite more traffic from the surrounding areas particularly Lawas, Labuan, Beaufort, Limbang and the neighbouring country Negara Brunei Darussalam. Family ties between the neighbouring Sarawak state and Negara Brunei Darussalam is the main factor that will generate more traffic to Sipitang Community Portal.

Guests and visitors from Sarawak and Negara Brunei Darussalam in particular and other Malaysian who may have past personal connection with Sipiting are most welcome to join SCP. For those who were hailed from Sipitang and currently residing somewhere else, please lend your support to the portal by registering as members and make the portal as our cyber meeting place to say hello and exchange of ideas.

Please click
here to access and register yourself as member @Sipitang Community Portal.

Kadayan Universe (Klik disini)

by A.S. Kasah (Posted : Saturday, March 29, 2008)

KADAYAN UNIVERSE – the most comprehensive Kadayan resources on the net

I have been exploring cyberspace ever since the internet was introduced into this country way back in 1995. The first ISP (Internet Service Provider) in this country happened to be my employer, it was apparent that I had the edge and the upper hand to be acquainted with the internet technology ahead of the customers.

The advancement of the internet technology particularly the content development and the network technology, coupled with the government initiative to reduce digital gap in this country had increased the internet penetration exponentially since its introduction twelve years ago. In layman’s term, it simply means that internet users are increasing year by year.

All government department / agencies, large corporations and great many SMIs / SMEs have their own websites. For public sectors, websites are essential as means of disseminating information to the general public and for private sectors websites are indispensable marketing tools. For NGOs, associations and private users, websites are useful to reach their members and the community at large.

Thus, a truly Kadayan website, was born in early 2006, created by a group of ambitious, dynamic and resourceful Kadayans of Sabah origin. The new generation of Kadayan who created the
Kadayan Universe website are highly competent and possesses high level of IT literacy in order to pursue such goals. Based on the chronology of events leading to its development which was mentioned in Kadayan Yahoo Discussion Group in 2006, I came to a conclusion that the website development was not outsourced to a third party website developer. The team members have devoted their precious time to develop a wonderful website which to me no other Malaysian ethnic based websites came close to Kadayan Universe.

Kadayan Universe is filled with resourceful contents contributed by the website resident columnist, Mr Amde Sidik, independent contributor and the team members themselves. A unique but familiar nick names, at least amongst the Kadayans such as tutut indahau – Editor, Giin Buagas – Manager, Kaawai Tanah – Super Administrator and Aaja Kadayan – Contributor are the backbone of the Kadayan Universe.

The existence of
Kadayan Universe is a symbol of pride and determination of the Kadayan people. It is an eye-opener for others that we the Kadayans can stand at par or maybe an inch taller with other races, contrary to the popular belief that Kadayans are reserved and timid people.

I would like to see the
Kadayan Universe will live up by its tag line as “the most comprehensive Kadayan resources on the net.” I believe one day, Kadayan Universe will become an authority on social, economic, culture and traditions of Kadayan people.

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Mr Amde Sidek, resident columnist who had contributed numerous articles to the website and the team members of
Kadayan Universe for their great efforts in developing, maintaining and updating the website.

To all the Kadayan people outside there, who have visited the
Kadayan Universe, I humbly request your favour to inform, spread and connect the websites to all other Kadayan people where ever they are within the reachable galaxy. If you are a blogger or having a personal website, please add the link to your blog and your website, if you have e-mails, spread the link to others and of course, the most conventional mean is to use words of mouth.

here to visit Kadayan Universe.